Tobin Testing provides local analytical testing and laboratory services from our facilities in

North-Central Pennsylvania.


Contact us to develop and implement a custom testing program to meet your specific needs.

Drilling Mud Analysis

Fast turnaround, accurate results, and responsive service for your drilling mud analysis (API RP 13B-1 / ISO 10414) are Tobin Testing's expertise. All particle size analyses ( ISO 13320) are performed in-house by state-of-the-art laser diffraction. Accurate, timely particle-size analysis is crucial to drilling mud management. Let us help you optimize your mud management to lower costs and reduce non-productive time.


Comprehensive Water Analysis

Tobin Testing can provide full-suite water testing as well as test for your specific parameters of interest. Whether you are looking to implement a regional testing program pre-development, or are an individual landowner looking for specific data on your water, Tobin Testing can provide prompt and responsive local services. Please contact us to discuss your sampling program and testing needs.


Additional Services

Tobin Testing can also provide comprehensive data analysis consulting and legal chain of custody for your sampling program, as well as assistance with oil and gas act compliance.


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